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You may add your business or organisation within the website only if:-
  • To the best of your knowledge all information submitted to the "website" by telephone, fax, e-mail or site submission form (available from the website) contains factual and accurate details relating to your services, business or organisation.
  • All information submitted to the "website", which requires a hyperlink, does not link to illegal subject matter such as drugs, gambling, pornography, robbery, infringement of personal liberties, stolen credit card details or computer hacking. We the owners of the "websites" will not intentionally be associated with any illicit material.
  • We the "Website" do not warrant that the Services will be available all the time. The Customer acknowledges that the operation of the Internet is not within We the "Website" control and therefore access to the Services cannot be guaranteed at any given time;

Terms and Conditions Confidentiality Statement

We the "website" understands the importance of protecting the confidential information we receive from our clients during the collection of details necessary for your service or company to be quoted on and accessed from our site.

The nature of an enquiry site ensures that information such as name, telephone number, e-mail address and other facts you voluntarily quote for publication are in the public domain and could be downloaded and used by others.

We the "website" cannot be held responsible for any such action. It is our policy that any additional information we acquire from you for the furtherance and extension of our service shall be for internal use only. We will ensure privacy of this information by maintaining appropriate security measures to the exclusion of all.